Fashion vs Dresscode: A Never-Ending Battle

Fashion vs Dresscode: A Never-Ending Battle

Mack LeBlanc, Staff Writer

Hot fashion is always in, from crop tops to ripped jeans, and everyone wants to partake in the latest trends.  Seemingly harmless self-expression through clothes has been hindered by the dress code. Or so we think. So how do we stay fashion forward and out of the hot seat in the administrator’s office? Or should we be pondering the biases and inconsistencies in the policy?

Dress-coding this year at Keller High has been frequent. Girls have been stopped for such evil indecencies as a small strip of skin showing from their stomachs, and we can all contest for the distracting nature of women’s shoulders. Let’s not forget the male student body who have been taken to the office for… Anyway, if these rules are going to be in the student manual, how will we look good and keep it what administrators consider “modest”? Ripped jeans are a very “in” item of clothing this year, though it is said that rips above the knees are not allowed. One way to work around this is to wear jeans with rips just at the knee. It gives the same distressed look without the side-eyeing from teachers. Dresses and skirts are touchy territories but maxi skirts that dust the floor are flattering and give you a nice shape if belted at the waist. Though this all seems a bit much to worry about on top of the copious amounts of school work and the fact that we are at a high risk of overstressing. If all else fails just get a bed sheet, ribbon, and a full body suit to wear under it, then make yourself a little “modest” head to toe number.

Senior Natalie Schnurr had a harrowing experience. She said, ‘’They look at you like a harlot.” The day of the confrontation Schnurr was wearing a red dress, long cardigan and leggings. Her knees, shoulders, and chest were covered, so you can understand Schnurr’s confusion at the teacher calling her out. The faculty member did not provide an explanation, at least to Schurr. She was taken to the office and had to stay there for an hour, missing a core class that day. So much for academics coming first.

Senior Natalie Dearman was actually disciplined after school hours for her dress code violation. Dearman stayed for tutorials to bring up a grade. On the way out of the school, actually completely out of the building at this point, she was stopped by a group of administrative staff. The group told Dearman that her shirt was out of dress code. She admits that if she lifted her arms a very small bit of her stomach showed. Yet, Dearman was late for a doctor’s appointment and literally steps from her mother’s vehicle. The staff took it even further by having the student lift her arms and bend over in the school parking lot, while they shook their heads at her, according to Dearman. This was a bit of overkill on the administrators’ part. Eventually Dearman was reduced to tears and ran off to her mother’s car while being hollered after by the staff.

Now the students of Keller High are generally good at reason. We do not expect for there to be no dress code; however, we do expect for it to be steadily enforced with regulations that do not patronize the student body, quite literally in this sense. Schnurr said, “This adds to the epidemic of girls being ashamed of their bodies. It doesn’t help for grown men and women to be telling us we should be completely covered.”