Taking Risks

Emily Semlow, Staff Writer

Every day we walk through the halls here at Keller High School, and whether we realize it or not, we’re observing others. Some people blend in with the crowd of thousands that attend school here, all trying to be like one another, almost uniform. Others, you wish you were like, thinking they’re owning their personalities and know exactly who they are and who they want to be. The difference between us is those who choose to take risks and those who don’t.

Taking risks is how we develop and grow as people; it’s important. As a society, some of us attempt to hide behind others’ images, wanting to be a certain way but never ourselves. You can tell.

For me, my risk was cutting my hair.

I ran into a man who worked in retail while I was at the mall one day, and he shared a story of how one of his close friends had long, beautiful hair. He swore by it. Never to be cut. And one day, he went through life just like the rest of us do at one point or another and decided to cut it all off. Now he claims that he can never grow it out again, making a realization that people hide behind their hair, or at least he did.

It was a risk that he took; it was a risk I took. And for me, these risks are hardly ever on a whim, because they’re things that make me, me. They’re actions that contribute to who I am as a person.

Risks build your character and show the parts of you that you favor the most. They build confidence.

Risks create stories for you to share years later with others in remembrance of the good times you had once upon a time in your youth.

Don’t hide behind other people’s identities. Be willing to put yourself out there and find who you are, not what you see others as. Don’t hide behind hair.