Kate Carlin, Managing Editor/AV Editor

I hate spirit weeks here at Keller; you know why? Well, let us have a little bit of a hypothetical situation that or may not happen quite often here. We have spirit weeks for a myriad of reasons: Pink Out, class week, and homecoming week, for instance.

We have assigned days that are usually fairly decent for the student body to dress up and to look weird, silly, and crazy together, but the problem is simply that nobody cares to dress up for any of the spirit days.

Keller High School is one of the best schools in the nation, where we pride ourselves in academics, fine arts and (most) of our sports; we have the right to be proud of KHS, to represent Indian Nation as we make it out to be–great.

I wish everyone at Keller saw how lucky we actually are to go to a school of such prestige and honor for a public school, as our accomplishments are unheard of anywhere else in the country, and the pride you should wear on your head because you’re a Keller Indian.

I know, high school is not the greatest time of our lives and for a good deal of us, it is one of the worst. People suffer here, people get destroyed here, and people grow up so much here. I understand that this school is not your whole life; I understand that this will not last forever. But that is exactly what I am saying to all of you.

This does not last forever, so go out and go crazy while you have the chance; nobody is going to probably remember you super well after these four years anyway. Nobody is going to care two days later if you dress up in a leotard as the sun for neon day, nobody is going to remember that time you dressed up as a caveman freshman year and if you do it right, nobody is going to surely remember you having spirit in your school if everybody else has spirit too.

That is what the student body of Keller has to realize. The student body has to realize that not having school spirit just shows how much you don’t care, cool right? You are so cool because you do not care about the people who have taught you, you don’t care about your friends in band who go to Grand Nationals, you don’t care about your VASE competition that got you to state, you don’t care about our softball team being the best in the state. That is what you’re saying when you don’t participate in school spirit days.

You are saying you don’t care about the place that has made you or broken you.

Now, I get it. If Keller High School has done nothing at all for you, by all means do not show school spirit. But if you go and watch the football games, if you are in green cord representing Keller High, if you are in the Spirit Crew, if you are in the newspaper writing stories for the student body, if you are in Circle of Friends, Book Club, Fencing Team, if you are involved in anything…

You are representing KHS.

Don’t reflect poorly on your school because you don’t believe it’s cool to dress up for spirit week. High school is only for four years.

So, you don’t have to go all out, but at least wear a neon scrunchie on neon day, and pink socks for pink out, a little bit of spirit can go such a long way.