The Race for Reserved Parking


Rani Hamilton, Staff Writer

As I’m about to enter my senior year, I’ve officially experienced the mess that is the lottery for reserved parking. I’ve watched from afar since I was about nine years old, seeing people get upset because they didn’t sign up, they “didn’t know about it,”or even upset that their names weren’t drawn (this really happens). I’ve even actually been stopped in the hallway this year so people can try and get a reserved spot out of me (one of the only cons of having a mom who works for your school). My question is: why are these spots so precious to you? Why is it so important to get one?

My name was drawn first, so I got to pick my parking spot first (and no, it was not rigged). This was nice and all, but if I had gotten drawn for 440th place, or even not at all, I would not have cared in any way, shape, or form. The single special thing about these parking spots is the fact that you get to paint them. You have the opportunity to paint a nice, pretty, little picture on some concrete that will be immediately forgotten and erased once your senior year is over. There’s practically nothing more important than parking on top of a pretty picture that you worked hard on, rather than that boring old gray concrete.

My favorite is the people who claim they had no idea the lottery was occurring. The drawing for reserved parking spots is practically the number one thing talked about when it comes to the end of the year for juniors. It’s on the announcements. There’s a table set up during lunch. It’s everywhere. You’re in high school, and you have to take responsibility for yourself and be aware of what’s happening in school. You can’t rely on somebody coming up to you individually and saying, “Hey! Time to sign up for that painted rectangle!”

Maybe I’m being too harsh, but I’ve just honestly never understood it. Unfortunately, at the moment it’s impossible to create more parking. Sure, it’s annoying that we can’t all have spots reserved for us so we don’t have to waste time finding a spot in the morning, but we have to deal with what we have access to. Complaining constantly about it (not only just reserved parking, but general parking as well) will not help the situation at all. Parking spots will not just magically appear to appeal to you.

Basically what I’m saying is, future seniors who did not get picked, deal with it. When senior year starts, we are only going to be here at KHS for nine more months. It’s not worth wasting your last few months here upset because you had to find a spot in the morning. And also a message for the future juniors: once the lottery comes around, it really isn’t that important.