I Hate Online Classes

Here’s a take on what taking online classes is like.


Kate, A/V Editor

Online classes are the shortcut to having an earlier graduation time and honestly an easy way to get credits. I decided to take two courses online for my senior year, government and economics, because I wanted to participate in more extracurricular activities (yes, I am taking five electives next year, fight me). So, I did what the normal driven person would do and I did what I wanted to do, sign up for two half semester courses on TTUISD’s online high school, so I could fulfill my wishes.

Boy, I was wrong.

I mean, it is fantastic, being able to take more fine arts related courses and to have an easier workload for my senior is a pretty neat perk for senior year, and if I really wanted to I could have taken a class or two off. However, I would not be doing much else other than crying and watching Grey’s Anatomy during my off periods, so I wanted to keep myself busy.

But there are some things about online courses that could be fixed and or a defining factor of whether or not I would want to take another online course. For one, the terror of having to submit your work to someone who you do not even know scares me. This man/woman has never seen my face or has never seen me study for a test or in after-school activities; they certainly do not know who I am.

Another fact is that I have no instruction and it is a completely Kate-driven course, so I can do what I want, when I want, as long as I get it done by August 16, in which, sadly I have to finish it by late May so I can take my final during finals week, since we do not have school during the summer and there will be no proctors available (obviously teachers need their vacation, too). This is something that frustrates me; I almost want it to be like I could put my class on hold for a month or two whenever I know for a fact that I cannot work on it due to vacations or summer or having a life. Now I have to rush a course that I am taking with little to no direction and I have to complete it three months early, fantastic.

Now, if you are interested in taking online classes, all the power to you. But I do have some tips to help you through this journey of online education.

First, take it during the school year. You can do one assignment a day and finish the course in a month and a half with a good four months of studying for the finals (which you do not need that much time, honestly).

Second, try to be studious. There are a bunch of websites who have the answers to every single assignment on the course and they are fairly easy to access. If you really wanted to, you could finish the course in three days, but you will not learn anything from this experience. Read the book and try to figure things out for yourself. You will not be kicking yourself during the final if you do.

Third, if you are just taking an online class so you can have an extra off period, don’t. It is a lot more worthwhile to take a class with an instructor who will get to know you with the potential of learning new things and meeting new people, rather than just take the easy way out and go online.

You may not agree with some of my points, but I have learned my lesson all too well. I know what I have to do now when I take my economics course this next fall, and by golly I hope I pass this final.

Happy learning everyone.