Healthy Eating

Natalie Ryan, Sports Editor

As America progresses, we continue to attempt to find the newest, up-to-date trends. Currently, we are into organic eating with strict rules against preservatives or trans fats, which, do not get me wrong, are terrible for the human body. However, we are getting obsessive with our diets.

For example, look at Kourtney Kardashian. She only gives her children organic food. Yes, this might be healthier, but every child deserves to enjoy the goodness of a pre-packaged Lunchable or sugary fruit snacks. My childhood consisted of balanced eating. My siblings and IĀ ate relatively healthy, all home-cooked meals with water or milk. My mother never forced healthy eating upon us; if we wanted Sonic mozzarella sticks, she would buy them for us as a treat.

When I was younger, I always looked forward to when my mom would let my siblings and I pick out a treat for good behavior. My mom taught me a wise lesson of not forbidding unhealthy from kids, but only let them eat as a treat and in moderation. This made the junk food taste so much better when I did not get it all the time.

All in all, healthy eating should be a lifestyle, but we do not need to get hung up on it. If you want that chocolate bar, then get you a candy bar; just eat them in moderation.

Today, society, especially the female portion, feels the only way to live a healthy lifestyle is going on strict diets or not allowing us to treat ourselves, which turns us into miserable health nuts.