AP Exams or More Standardized Tests?


Armando Tellez, Staff Writer

AP Exams are stressful. They’re the conclusion to a year-long journey of practice and learning. We all take them to gain college credit. That’s the main reason anyone takes them. Still, there are colleges who refuse to accept them. They neglect to give any credit at all, and if they do, it is something so minimal that makes the whole effort a waste of time.

So some people skip them. They don’t take them despite what teachers say. As teachers argue: “If you take the class, you should take the test.” It makes sense. But it’s just not worth it. The effort put into the exam exceeds the rewards. It’s a four hour test taken under stressful conditions. At this point, to do it just for the sake of taking it makes less sense. It’s true, the test goes hand-in-hand with the course but taking the test doesn’t have to be the only reason to take the class.

Instead, students should be able to take the class for the in-depth material it offers. Students should be able to learn more without feeling obliged to take the test. At times the courses feel like a class on how to pass the AP exam. AP should be an opportunity to learn, not the prelude to more standardized tests.