Sun’s Out, Every Single Body Out

Michelle Mirza, Editorials/Two Cents & That's Rad Editor

Summer sucks when you don’t have a flat stomach, a toned body, and a perfectly tinted tan. Or at least that’s what the media tries to ram into your mind every opportunity they can get.

It’s exhausting. It’s exhausting constantly being told that you’re not good enough, that your body is not good enough, that what you already have, all that you are, is lacking something.

Being told that you must obtain something or reach a certain goal before you can finally reach happiness, before you can finally be deserving of a certain things, is completely and utterly ridiculous.

Just stop.

Stop listening to the media and their money-hungry agendas to buy you into shaming your body. We are all deserving of happiness, we are all deserving of acceptance, and we most certainly are all deserving of prancing around the beach in whatever shape or form we please.

Men and women, no matter what size, are entitled to a positive body image. What you have doesn’t need fixing, and what you are does not need to be poked and prodded and poisoned with these unrealistic standards.

You are good enough, we are all good enough. Don’t let anyone take that belief away from you – not yourself, and definitely not the media our society is plagued with.