Pick Up The Pace

Cindy Ciotta, Staff Writer/Broadcast Journalism

With over 2,000 students attending Keller High School, it sometimes seems like our mascot should just be a sardine for how cramped it gets in the halls. Do our hallways just get smaller with each passing class?

After sitting in class for an hour and a half, all we want is to stretch our legs and get a little fresh air. But what does this fantasy look like in reality? It looks like when you turn the corner just to bump into someone not paying attention. It’s gripping onto the stair railing in fear someone might bump into you and possibly push you down. It squishing through the huge amount of students and trying to swerve past the kids who have two speeds: slow and stop. And let’s not forget about the ones who feel the need to stop right in the middle of the walkway.

The halls are kind of like a highway. If you go slow, you’re going to 1: Get people angry. Or 2: Cause people to bump into each other . If I haven’t already established it, by stopping randomly and not knowing how to walk with a little purpose, it’s very inconvenient to everyone around you.

So, what causes these slow walkers to arise? One of the main reasons for this is the ones who have their eyes glued to the screen of their phone while going through the hallway. Whether they’re watching Netflix or texting, surprisingly they’re not usually the ones who get bumped into, but rather the ones who cause the people around them to. What’s so hard about waiting a minute until you’re away from the crowd to send your next text?

Another is when people simply do not pay attention. You’d think that with a lot going on around you that you’d be more attentive. I cannot tell you how many times I have been caught behind a really slow walker who feels the need to mosey on down to class like this is some contest for who can walk the most like an elderly person. These are the people who waste time of your lunch because they walk so slow. Now tell me that doesn’t make you at least a little fired up.

A little advice if you’re one of those slow walkers:  Try to stay off your phone while you’re walking to class,  and pay attention to what’s going on–like the people around you who might be in a rush:) 

The worst part about slow walkers? They never really go away; it’s not just a high school thing. Disney world, work, any crowded place. Really anywhere you go is a potential target.