Greener Pastures

Armando Tellez, Staff Writer

Netflix is awesome. It provides people with a wide range of shows and movies to watch during free time or times of boredom. It could be said that it is to blame for unproductive behavior. As anyone who’s ever watched a show in Netflix will tell you: it’s addicting. You can start watching under the assumption that you’ll only watch one episode and that you’ll go do your homework or go to bed right after, but that’s never the case. The truth is that you’ll want more. If the story is compelling enough, you’ll want to watch to the very end that same day. That’s when an innocent choice to entertain one’s self yields a night of binge watching that bleeds into the next day. It’s so easy to get attached to the characters and the story line.

Sometimes the show lasts a season. Those are the shows you can be finished easily. But then you get shows like Grey’s Anatomy that last multiple seasons (12 and counting) and has seemingly infinite seasons. It becomes a part of your life and you look forward to finding out whether or not the residents will become doctors and their lives will become less complicated.

And then Netflix decides to take it off the network, and you’re not done yet. You get home and pull up Netflix only to get a list of related titles that could never possibly hold up to the level of the show that has now moved on to greener pastures. It’s frustrating and wrong.

So you too move on to greener pastures in a fit of anger: Hulu.