Judge Me.

Go On, Do it.


Kate Carlin, AV Editor

Ah, Keller High School, a place of academic and, a lot of athletic excellence as well (except football). We here at Keller have such a diverse student body and our world is a lot more different than others; however, there are still issues we need to discuss.

If you do not know who I am, hi. My name is Kate Carlin. I am a junior at Keller High School and I am a completely obnoxious, weird freak. Lately, my new thing to do is walk down the hallways with a huge speaker blaring “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley. If you have not been to Keller High, people do not usually walk down hallways and blare eighties music on a daily basis, which has got me thinking.

There definitely has to be weird and obnoxious people out there just like me in Keller. People that would be happy to make fun of Megan Foxx’s thumbs, and to play Lazy Town Remixes on a daily basis, and of course, participate in some crazy pastimes (see above).

But here is my problem: I can’t seem to find any.

That is where this rant comes in. Many people find their little groups and stay with them for four years; it’s almost is like a wolf pack. You have your alphas and your omegas, and then you have your people in between, but you are all one huge group, and more or less you look after each other. Everyone seems to have this whole safety in numbers thing going on, the mentality that if they are with their friends, they will be okay and they can be themselves because those friends certainly won’t judge.

What I have come to realize in life is that no matter what, everyone, friend or not, will judge you for who you are as a person. It does not matter if someone likes you or hates you, people always will judge you.

Even though I really do not have any friends or people to have my back around here. Rather than doing stupid things with my friends and only for my friends to see, I share my crazy mind with the world, and who cares about whoever judges me? I have the safety in knowing that people will know and remember me for stupid things, like my Rick Astley fiasco.

Go on out there and be weird.