The Reality of Heels

The Reality of Heels

Emily Semlow and Sandra Decaigny

Heels. One medieval torture device that women have been subjected to for centuries in the name of fashion. This mythical shoe wear can make any lady feel like a daughter of Aphrodite, gives height to those of us who are vertically impaired and builds confidence for that date with someone special. These magical, mood altering feet covers are glamorized by the media with celebrities gracing mile long carpets in six inch stilettos. Common folk such as us find this experience to feel less than graceful, but it still leaving us feeling as glamorous as ever. Here is the reality of heels.

You know that great feeling when you put on a brand new pair of heels? You feel amazing, you look amazing, you are ready to rock the town. Then as you take a few steps out the front door you feel that slight burning of the heel skin and right on the edges of your toes, so slight but so painful. You come home after a hour of partying to blistered heels and swollen feet that must be cured with a half a pound of ice cream consumption.

Other than the pain, it’s just a struggle to confidently walk as we see all models perfectly execute. Feeling great for once, confident, pretty, just all around amazing. But as the saying goes, “pride before fall.” That is the moment you suddenly become a gymnast and do the splits right in the middle of the hallway. After a good ten minutes of attempting to get up, your friend stops mocking you and gives you a hand.  

We all want to look our best, but the reality of heels is unrealistic. Upholding these standards that society has put us up to to sustain a flawless night in heels is simply too much. Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, a first date, or an important event, just remember that, at the end of the day, it isn’t worth the pain. Sure it’s fun to put on that facade that comes with heels for the night, but don’t kill yourself if you aren’t up for the task. More likely than not, no one will remember what you decided to wear that night after long, agonizing hours of meticulously choosing your outfit anyways. If you don’t want pain that offers no gain, then wear something that you’re comfortable and confident in. And remember, stay be-YOU- ti-ful!