Yanne Diogenes, Staff Writer

We’ve all been in that situation where we’re sitting at home, ready to go out, and the person who is supposed to pick you up never shows up, never gives any indication that they are alive. Don’t lie, that has happened to you more than once. The thing is, it really shouldn’t be a reoccurring thing. There’s no reason to ditch someone without at least explaining why. It’s understandable if they had something big come up, of course, but if they just forget constantly, you have to reevaluate their relevance in your life and how much attention you’re giving them. I get a once or twice thing, but if it’s constant, only one question pops up in my mind: why? Am I that unimportant that I don’t deserve an explanation?

Honestly, my best advice is if the same person keeps flaking on you, and not acknowledging it, cut them out of your life. These types of people don’t deserve your time and your attention.