Following Trends

Allison Bracken, Staff Writer

Staying up to date with the latest trends is something that many people aspire to do. What many people do not realize is staying up to date with the current styles takes a lot of work. Although these stylish people should be more credited with all of the things they must do to maintain this title, I believe that trying to stay up to date on everything is a waste of time. Before everyone attacks me, let me explain.

I am not talking to those who find joy in staying in the loop; I am talking to those who feel pressure to continue with the current fashion and do not actually enjoy it. Stop it! I understand that in this day and age it seems like a must to wear what everyone else does, but in reality, it makes you boring. If everyone wore the same thing and said the same sentences, there would be no originality in this world. It is a 24/7 job following trends, so why bother? Why not find your own style?

One thing that I have found that I personally enjoy is seeing what styles are in, seeing what I like, and making it my own. The thing that I used to do that many people still do today is wearing or doing what is “in style,” knowing full well that they do not like that particular trend. This is my issue. If you like a certain style, go for it, but if you are one of the people staying up with trends only to impress others, stop! If you go about your life only doing things to impress and please others, you are going to be constantly disappointed. Focus on the things you love! If you want to wear a poodle skirt to school because you like them, then please do! Express yourself, because that makes you… you!

Next time you go buy an outfit solely because you have seen it in a magazine and you don’t actually like it, re-think what you like. Express your originality! Show the world the real you.