Parking Not

Found in creative commons

Found in creative commons

Jacob Mitchell, Staff Writer

Remember freshman year when everybody dreamed of getting their driver’s license and not having to wait on their parents to take and pick them up from school? Well, now some freshman at Keller will have that dream crushed.

During the first semester of this school year, Keller High School ran out of student parking spots. This caused many students who got their licenses during the middle of the year to continue finding other ways of transportation to school.

The lack of parking spots causes a big inconvenience for the students affected and their families. Parents who work may not have time to take their children to and from school. While the student might be able to take the bus, the times that the bus arrives is ridiculously early compared to the times that the student would arrive if he or she drove themselves.

Not only is it an inconvenience to the students, it simply takes away the freedom that has just been granted to them. A driver’s license is a sacred item in the life of an American teenager. They finally have the freedom to come and go as they please. And telling them they can’t drive to school, the place where they spend a majority of their time, is just wrong.

All students should be able to drive themselves to school. It is an outrage that Keller takes that right away because they won’t pave a new parking lot. Keller High School should provide enough parking spots for all students in need!