Times Are Changing

Journalism has changed a lot. Not only in ways of technology, although that is a form of change that it has experienced. Daily, I see stories about things happening in the world and more than half of it involves useless information about celebrities: who’s getting divorced, who was seen where with who, or who got the role of what show and why people are offended by it.  As far as entertainment purposes go… yes, people find amusement out of these stories.

But when well-known professional magazines/media (that aren’t pop culture) are publishing nothing but stories about what diet the Kardashians are doing or who Jennifer Lopez was seen with at a party…why does this stuff matter? Why are people not talking about the real issues happening in the United States and the all around the world? What happened to real journalism? I get that some media revolves their stories around these things, and don’t get me wrong…there is nothing bad about it, but when it comes to where it is coming from. But at least write about things other than useless information that often times can be opinionated.

When it does come to the pop culture magazines/medias all they write about are things such as who was seen with who or who wore pajamas in public when they could be writing about the importance of what they might be doing as a celebrity, such as what film/record they’re coming out with. Recently I saw an article about Kendall Jenner being seen out in public and how she had acne showing. How does having acne, something that all humans have, make a good headline?

As far as technology comes…journalism could be well on its way to dying out. Everything nowadays is being produced over the internet which means prints of newspapers and magazines are going to eventually end. In my opinion this has got to change. It’s an amazing thing to have a copy of something you are a part of (speaking if you were a writer for the news source) and it is an amazing thing to have a copy of articles and photographs that you have interest in. At the end of the day it’s up to people like us to keep it alive. Keep printing, keep buying magazines/newspapers and keep reading them because it’s more important than we realize.