Technology vs. Print

Samantha Mohr, Culture Editor

This is a rant that is very overdone, but relevant nonetheless. As time goes on, and technology advances, hard print slowly gets pushed out of the picture. Convenience is the number one excuse made for this topic. Technology is more convenient, but only due the importance placed on it by the current society.

Back in our parents time, print was a necessity to further education, provide entertainment, and to receive news. Now, with the production of movie theaters, television, and Google, the children of today’s society do not know the value or importance of hard print.

Personally, I prefer print. I love the authentic feeling of a paperback book in my hands, and the crisp, fresh page at every turn. Physical books, newspapers, and magazines give me a feeling of nostalgia that cannot be replaced by technology.

Children now grow up on iPads and Smartphones and Google; therefore, they are not being exposed to the beautiful feeling hard print brings. Their sense of nostalgia comes from a new, packaged, fingerprint-free iPad. As time goes on, and these children mature, what they place importance on will be important. That is why it is crucial to integrate hard print into their life, so that it is not pushed into extinction.

Who knows. Later on, having a physical copy of Shakespeare’s Works will be seen as weird, or scarcely seen at all. My only hope is that we as a society never resort to that.