Put Learning Above Sports

Emily Semlow, Staff Writer

Let’s face it, we’ve all been to a high school football game at least once in our high school careers, experiencing the thrill of our team scoring touchdowns and making memories with our friends. Okay that’s a lie, we all know our football team wasn’t worth much this season… But as long as sports are going on and athletes get to be in the spotlight, people who prefer pens and paper over sports equipment and running are being left out.

Texas is notoriously known for its love of sports and competition, schools giving all of their funding to sports teams and taking away important/interesting literature and writing courses. This causing even the school newspaper to rely on yearbook for the majority of our fundings.

This is becoming a serious problem.

We’re lacking the encouragement and growth of creativity in our generation, and more importantly, the simple ability to write. This is more than just about providing a variety of classes to satisfy students. As people are leaving college, it’s becoming more and more apparent that we are lacking certain skills for the real world.

Team work and teaching kids to stay in shape is still an important aspect of everyday life, but it’s time to expand our horizons and look into all the ways to make sure we are learning what we need, which also throws in a bonus for the nerds out there (including me).