End Internet Trends

End Internet Trends

Rani Hamilton, Staff Writer

I’ve always been an anti when it came to trends on the internet. Whether it was a new dance, a new meme or any other thing you would consider a trend, I never participated in it. Not because I felt like I was too cool to do something mainstream, it’s just because I find it annoying. The only meme I ever actively took part in was Harambe over the summer, and I still continue to embrace it despite the fact that it is ridiculously outdated. I also dabbed, but that was low key and nobody ever needs to talk about it. Everybody has a dark past of dabbing.

Recently, the mannequin challenge has taken the internet and (unfortunately) my high school life by storm. Hopefully by the time this story comes out, everyone will roll their eyes at the idea of anyone even doing the mannequin challenge, but at this moment I am still scarred. In less than a week, I was forced against my will to take part in this crime against humanity. My education in both Tech Theatre and Anatomy & Physiology has been interrupted, somebody believing staying still for 30 seconds was more important than me building a support for our set, or learning about the tibia. I had been patiently waiting for years to learn about the tibia, and my precious time reserved just for that was ripped away from me.

This isn’t a rant as much as it is a plea. Please do all of humanity a favor and keep these trends on the internet where they started. They’re happier there on social media. If you can’t do that, at least keep it out of Keller, Texas. Let the other 7 billion people in the world do it so you can retweet it.  

You may see this and wonder why I’m trying to take all the fun out of life, but I’m more so trying to make life even more fun. Imagine a world where everyone got the message that whipping is outdated. Imagine never having to get annoyed because somebody won’t stop making the same joke over and over again. I don’t know about you, but it sounds like music to my ears. Join me in my effort to eliminate the existence internet memes and trends forever in Keller High School. Not only is it an effort for the students here, but the entire world. Please.