Who Did Keller High School Support in This Election?

Thomas Winzeler, Asparagus Editor

America is more divided than ever and so is Keller High School. Half of the students  think our President-Elect is orange Hitler while the other half thinks he’s *Insert Christian religious figure here* and this is his second coming.  Some students have taken it to the extreme by ending friendships over this election. Which is a bit extreme for high school student since we can’t vote in this election.

So what’s Keller High School’s overall opinion on the election? Well, it’s hard to gauge. It almost seems like there’s a fifty-fifty split on who the students support. The Hillary Clinton supporters seem to be more vocal than the Trump supporters when it comes to saying who they support or anything about this election comes up. If I went just based on overheard conversations and discussions, I would say most of the school supports Hillary Clinton. The Trump supporters seem to be a silent bunch when it came to talking about the election. With good reason! Anti-Trump supporters would automatically go for “You support a bigot, sexist, rude, homophobic” leading to them having to give why they support Trump and having to defend him. Hillary Clinton Supporters still have to deal with the same thing but it’s not as hard. They get the response “You support a liar who gave away classified documents on a private server?!?!” “Although it’s easier to defend Hillary Clinton because she doesn’t say stupid stuff.” Said One Clinton supporter, who requested to remain anonymous.  So Keller High School is a fifty-fifty split on who we support.

America needs to come together. This great divide will only bring negative effects to America and that’s never a good thing.