The Time to Come Together

Hannah Webb, Staff Writer

With the 2016 election behind us, it’s time for our nation to deal with the aftershock. Many expect the majority of the consequences from the election to come from the former candidates, but much of the effects haven’t come from the actions of the candidates themselves. They’re coming from the citizens of America. Everyone is so focused on the election results and their repercussions that they aren’t considering the repercussions their own actions may have.

The end of this election saw an onslaught of hatred pouring out from all sides. Everyone seemed to forget that all of us are living people, and kept throwing insults, degradations, and everything in between at those of opposite opinions to their own. To me it represented not only a decline in the condition of our country, but a decline in our human nature and morality.

Hatred has always been a part of our world, but the frequency with which it occurs has increased dramatically as a result of this election. The passing of this election has symbolized the beginning of a time when it is more important than ever that we all come together as a nation to improve our country. In order to accomplish this, it’s essential that we all love each other as much as possible. That means respecting each other’s beliefs and opinions.

We will accomplish nothing if we cannot overcome the desire to condemn all those who oppose our beliefs. Hatred is completely counterproductive to the process of building the strength of our nation and making our country a better place. We’re beginning to turn against each other during a time when it is essential that we come together.

This holds true regardless of which side of the party line you stand on. No matter if you wanted Trump, Hillary, or even Gary Johnson to win the election, it is an irrefutable fact that our country needs to improve in big ways.

We live in a time where tragedies are becoming normal. We live, hear, and see daily instances of violence, hate, and death. We live in a world of school shootings, tragic bombings, and senseless crime.

The only way to prevent such occurrences is to come together, love each other, and work together. Through no other method can we truly begin to resolve the many problems that plague our country today. Isn’t that what politics should have been about from the beginning? Not furthering one person’s agenda, but working together to make the entire country a better place, a place where everyone can benefit from the changes that take place.

While the future of the country following this election may look worse than it was prior to the election to some and brighter to others, by coming together and treating each other with the respect all human beings deserve, it is possible to make the future look brighter for all parties involved.