Thanksgiving is Underrated

Maggie Coleman, Staff Writer

It seems like the moment the last trick-or-treater has collected their candy, people everywhere scramble to hang Christmas lights, decorate the house, and buy a festive tree. Normally, I would applaud their holiday spirit, but unfortunately they skip a crucial holiday: Thanksgiving. This underrated holiday is a time to eat, sleep, and reflect on all they are thankful of in their life. It is not a time to watch Christmas deals being blasted in your face through the web or television.

Most people get caught up in the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, buying more and more while using the excuse of great deals and Christmas coming up. It seems odd that the day after people are supposed to give thanks, they are instructed by huge companies to purchase more material items. The simple elegance of slowing down, enjoying a meal, and catching up with family is much more enjoyable and relaxing than scouring the web for amazing deals. Regrettably, the true meaning of Thanksgiving has been lost.

Encouraging families to spend time together and be thankful for all they have is much more productive than harping on so-called “great deals.” Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas! I just feel like it has it’s time and place, and before Thanksgiving has ended is not that time.

That being said, Christmas is a time of magic. Everyone is in a giving mood, and generally happier. This special mood in the air needs to be transfused to Thanksgiving, because giving thanks is the core of Thanksgiving itself! It reminds us that everything is going to be alright, even if times are tough.

Besides giving thanks, food is another main component of an amazing Thanksgiving experience. It is one of the only holidays that actually recommends stuffing your face with food, and sleeping afterwards! Everyone bonds over preparing, and sometimes deciding to buy, all the delicious food. It has become a ritual that not even Christmas can compete with. Besides the enormous amounts of food, watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and tuning in to your favorite football team’s game are also important habits that make Thanksgiving a special holiday.

Next time you see a Black Friday or Cyber Monday ad, ignore it and instead think about all you already have. Thanksgiving is a time of showing appreciation, not shopping.