Heroes Hide In Shadows

Heroes Hide In Shadows

Olivia Stengem, Staff Writer

It takes more than a pair of brightly colored tights and a catchy name to qualify as a hero. Unlike the old fashioned men and women we would see on TV shows or read about in comic books as young kids, heroes have developed into much more than the good looking character who seek justice and fame from the helpless city. In this day and age, someone sorted into this category could range from  a good citizen doing a simple task, or a brave individual doing a huge task out of their way. The one thing all heroes have in common is doing their deeds out of the good of their heart and not for the attention that may come their way. Heroes do not act for glory, but for positive change for those around them.

Those qualified as heroes hold similar important traits. These traits of bravery, selflessness, and honesty all join together to form a true and authentic hero. Without these key traits, a hero will not be present, but instead, a fake attention seeking snake of a human. Heroes hold different agendas, while having the same original roots; acting for a positive change they wish to see.

A hero must portray bravery. Without the guts to stand up and fight against a real life villain, an individual won’t be accomplish their set goal. Bravery may mean a life or death decision, or simply standing up in front of intimidatingly powerful others. The courageous behavior conveys the hero’s will to do their tasks, no matter the circumstances. To do a brave act must mean a hero is present.

A hero must portray selflessness. Someone to do a heroic act for the people, not himself. These heroes work for change for the people and world around them, they wish to see a positive shift in the environment that affects the lives of other people. Many heroes, now and in the past, have selflessly put their own lives at risk, in the hopes of giving new generations a better, happier future. Heroes have no room in them to have a selfish bone in their body, they must act and care for those around them.

A hero must portray honesty. Without an honest mind and actions, an individual can absolutely not be qualified as a hero. The integrity it takes to do such authentic and heroic acts for your society gives those the name of hero. Others may do a brave and selfless act, but their reasoning behind said act may not be honest, instead looking for fame and glory of the people.

Depending on the viewpoint you look at them, one mistake a villain for a hero. These villains may disguise themselves as authentic, hiding the fact that their intentions are for the fame of their followers. Additionally. On the negative side to begin with, many people look up to the evil of the world as their hero, following their ideas or actions because that is what they view to be right. For example, members of the Nazi party saw Adolf Hitler as not only a hero, but a god, because they saw his ideas of purification as the right thing to do at the time. Of course, history has shown us that man was far from a hero. It all comes down to what the individual’s true intentions are. A hero would never harm or take away from the good and innocent. A true hero would not think to harm or take from the evil. A hero supports and fights for all, no matter if they deserve that kindness or not.

Heroes act for a positive change that will affect the community around them. Heroes qualified to fit the name have the eye to see the troubled spots in the world, as well as the ambition to stand up and make the change need.

Those like Malala Yousafzai, Martin Luther King Jr., and Mahatma Gandhi all portray this, as well as the traits of bravery, selflessness, and honesty. These heroes of time have set the example of a true hero. They all qualify into the spot of heroes because of their soul intentions of making a difference for others, not to feed their egos with the glory that comes with their name. Heroes like these are true.

Heroes do not sit in their glory and take in the praise of their accomplishments. A qualified hero stays true to their own intentions, remaining honest, selfless, and brave. Heroes do not work to stay in the light filled with attention and fame, but stay in the shadows to continue their honest acts.