Extremely Early Christmas Music

Allison Bracken, Staff Writer

The holiday season is upon us, and, like most people, you are excited. First comes Halloween, then Thanksgiving, and finally, Christmas. You would think that holiday festivities would start in late November, but no, in early October we already had Christmas music and Santa Claus commercials. This is an absolute outrage.

Holiday music and winter decorations should be saved until that specific time of year. In this day and age, we are celebrating Christmas right when summer ends. Do people not realize that Halloween and Thanksgiving exist? I know I know, “Christmas is my favorite holiday, why can’t I celebrate it early?” The answer to this is very simple. People that are not as obsessed with this holiday get sick of Christmas by the time it comes around due to these people blasting Feliz Navidad halfway through September. Keep the spirit alive for everyone and please, keep the winter festivities to a minimum until it is actually winter.

Now, all of this may seem harsh, but really, it is this extreme. Christmas is, to many, the best time of the year. If I were you, I wouldn’t want to spoil the best time of year for others. A good example of this is when someone tells you about how good a show is, and they keep telling and telling you how great it is, then finally you watch it and it isn’t is as good. The show may be the absolute best show ever, but because this person continually told you how great it was, the magic was ruined.

It really saddens me to see the wonderful holiday of Thanksgiving to be looked over. Thanksgiving is a day of sharing blessing and being grateful for the great things in your life that you usually don’t think about. I do not know about you, but I don’t want to watch A Charlie Brown Christmas while Grandpa is carving the turkey.

I hope I did not offend too many people. Christmas really is a beautiful holiday, but please, keep the “ho ho ho’s” to a minimum until the calendar says December.