A Bias Report on Media Bias

Jack Pittman-Heglund, Staff Writer

Everybody has their own opinion regarding politics, but the media is expected to give us a somewhat unbiased report of the what is happening in the world. This however, is not the case for most news stations today. Most news sources don’t provide an honest report of politics and usually favor the left or right.

The problem with news stations favoring a party is that watchers or readers who are undecided can be influenced by this information that is not the entire truth and does not give light to the situation as a whole. Of course not all news sources are riddled with bias some do an excellent job of reporting the facts in their entirety, but there are a few major stations that definitely favor a side.

The two most notable stations that are commonly accused of being bias are Fox News and MSNBC. Fox News is typically accused of favoring the conservative agenda while MSNBC is accused of favoring the liberal agenda. Neither of these stations are a reliable source of news because they are only in their own best interest.

Television is fueled by ratings and viewership, the more people who watch the show and submit positive reviews the more money the stations make.

The truth of the matter is honest politics are boring and people would rather watch other people yelling at each other. The news has stopped presenting factual information and has started pumping out opinion pieces that appeal to the masses of whatever side they are marketing to. The main problem with news stations presenting this information in this manner is how lazy and gullible some people are. People will often take what they hear or see on television or on the internet as fact when in reality it could just be someone’s opinion on the manner.