Thursday Night Lights?

Found in creative commons.

Found in creative commons.

Jacob Mitchell, Staff Writer

At the end of every long week of school the students of Keller High School can always look forward to a fun Friday night football game to help them unwind. Or can they? Many of the football games this season are scheduled on Thursday nights leading to decreased attendance at the games, tired students on Friday at school, and an overall bad game experience.

Keller ISD is forced to schedule games on Thursday nights due to the four high schools that are required to share only one stadium. With at least 2 teams a week hosting games at the stadium, one is always forced to play on a Thursday.

One of the main disadvantages to having football games on Thursday nights is that the attendance to the games are much lower than on Friday nights. Many people have outside activities that are scheduled on Thursday nights such as club sports, jobs, etc. that make it impossible for them to make it to the game. Other people choose to stay home to do school work that’s due the next day or so that they will get enough sleep for the next day of school. The smaller crowd effects the atmosphere of the game and it could effect the football team if they notice the low amount of support.

For the students that do decide to go to the game, a brutal consequence is awaiting them the next morning. The late ending to football games will allow students to get into bed by 11:00 PM by the earliest which will result in a tired day at school on Friday. This exhaustion can cause a lack of focus in the classroom and all around less productive students.

While these factors of Thursday night games are bad, the worst part might be the terrible game experience for the fans. It’s hard to go to a football game on a Thursday night and have a good time when you know you have to go home right away and be at school the next day. It takes away the anticipation and excitement of the high school football game.

But there is a solution! If the community comes together and encourages a bond for another football stadium, we might not have to have Thursday night games. So if you’re tired of being robbed of your Friday night lights, start the movement for a second stadium.