The Great Orange Threat

Mackenzie Tomlinson, Spotlight Editor

trumpI love America!

Our country may have its flaws, but it’s impossible for a country to be completely perfect. When it comes down to it, the principles this country was founded on are what make it great, and the people who are willing to die for those values make it the best country on earth. We are truly the land of the free and the home of the brave (and the fried donuts.)

That is why I cannot sit by during this election and watch a man who is essentially a bag of angry candy corn potentially become the leader of the free world. Even when you disregard his blatant and unapologetic racism and sexism, Donald Trump has proven he understands America and its government roughly as well as a fried donut does.

When this screaming Oompa Loompa first ran for president, I, like most people, was mildly amused. “Look at this!” I thought. “This man is going to nationally embarrass himself!”

And he has. But he has also secured the republican nomination for president. Somehow, he is a legitimate option to hold the highest office in the land. The fact that he has come this far is horrifying, but I’m not here to address that today. I am here to make a desperate plea.

I do not like Hillary Clinton. I really, really do not like her one bit. But I trust her not to get us into a global nuclear war. If you also would not like to get into a global nuclear war, please consider NOT voting for the Orange Menace. Giving a man who launches attack on people’s personal character over a tweet the power to declare war on foreign nations is potential for the backstory to a dystopia.

Some people will vote for Trump because they agree with his policy, or because he’s a successful businessman.

I would like to genuinely ask them to explain his policy. I’m sure the only things they could remember would be the wall, and something about China. This is because Trump doesn’t even have policies- he just makes stuff up, and people agree with it, even though there is literally no possible way it could ever work in our country. I’m willing to bet an average high school student has the same understanding of American government as the Donald.

Please. Even if Clinton is a bad president, she will not be our last president. I can’t guarantee the same about Trump.