Never Lose Yourself

Hannah Webb, Staff Writer

Every single one of us is unique. That’s a simple fact of life that I’m sure has been drilled into you since the moment you stepped foot into elementary school. But in my humble opinion, that’s one of the most amazing things about this world when you really think about it. Every person on this planet has a story different from everyone else’s. That means there’s about seven billion unique stories walking around out there. Seven billion people that have different passions, have had different experiences, and have different ways of going about things.

Getting to know people for who they truly are, getting to know them for their personal story, is one of the best experiences you can have. Seeing someone’s eyes light up when they talk about the things they truly love is a remarkable experience.

Lately though, I’ve been noticing the fact that too many people don’t express their passions freely. They don’t take advantage of the fact that they have the ability to shape the world with their knowledge and interests. Especially in high school, there’s a certain stigma that as a person you have to appeal to everyone. You have to please everyone and somehow that means being a carbon copy of everyone else.

To me, the concept of acting exactly like other people to please them is like hearing a foreign language for the first time. I don’t understand it, I can’t come close to comprehending it, and it seems completely useless to me. What’s the use of this world if we’re all pretending to be the same person? That takes all the adventure out of daily life, it takes away all the excitement and surprise of learning something about someone that you never could have guessed.

Further, there’s nothing anyone can learn from anyone else if we’re all the same. Being different allows us to learn more about ourselves from others. We can learn that we like to be alone more than we like to be with others, or we can learn that we like to be with others in contrast to being alone.

We can learn that we like to be a leader that makes the calls in a group, or learn that we work better following the instructions of someone else. Not to mention the things you can learn about other people that influence your outlook on the world and life in general. If we’re all the same we don’t have any of those experiences, which are some of the most valuable.

Many times it’s taken even further than a matter of pleasing others. It becomes a matter of feeling personally attacked and repressed. Viewpoints, passions, and hobbies that are considered “weird” by the general majority are discounted and cast aside. However, it’s often the people you know the least about, or the viewpoints that are the most unexpected, that teach you the most.

Living in a world like this, it’s easy to let yourself lose your own identity in the masses of people encouraging you to forget who you are.
It’s more important than ever to stay true to who you are and never let someone else dictate what your passions are, because losing the world’s originality means losing the primary purpose of living – to fill your life with happiness and as many unique and amazing experiences as possible. Never let yourself conform to the views of the majority, and never lose yourself to someone else’s vision for you.