80’s Movies are…… Over80d


John Hughes, Universal Pictures

The Breakfast Club (1985), Dir. by John Hughes

Rani Hamilton, Staff Writer

As soon as I recommended this story idea, everyone in the room turned to me, shocked that I had even let the words, “how overhyped [80’s movies] are” slip out of my mouth. The internet has always been obsessed with 80’s movies, but nobody had ever really talked about them in school. That was until I entered my freshman year of high school. Every corner I turned, there was a Breakfast Club reference staring me straight dead in the eye. I had never understood why everyone loved the movies so much, considering most of them were based around the same thing. High School. What kind of high school student wants to constantly watch movies about high school?

Now, my favorite movie just so happens to be an 80’s movie. Stand By Me is an iconic film though, and there’s absolutely no scene where those four boys step into a high school. Of course, this is happens to be one of the only 80’s movies that half my friends have never seen in their life. Everyone seems to love “Stranger Things” on Netflix, though…a series that references Stand By Me multiple times.

The teenage characters in most high school revolved 80’s movies were overdone, and got annoying quickly. A well known example would be the rich girl of the school who pretends everything is perfect for her, but behind her pretty hair and pink skirts, she has a personal life that she wants to escape. Molly Ringwald’s character in the Breakfast Club, Claire, fits this description perfectly. Claire is the perfect princess of the school, and is a target throughout the film, everyone assuming she has everything she could ever have. This is far from the truth though, as Claire’s actual home life consists of her parents constantly fighting and using her as an excuse, a situation she wants to be as far away from as she can. I bet you can think of about 10 other movies that have the exact same character.

Not every 80’s movie was written about high school though. Movies such as The Terminator, Ghostbusters, The Shining and Beetlejuice revolved around other topics (mostly horror). That doesn’t mean they were any better though. I have a direct quote from one of my good friends, a victim of 80’s movie, Gremlins. “It scared me,” she said, recalling her trauma from her childhood, “and was just a bad film overall. I didn’t like the plot or the ending, and the dolls were just weird.” Imagine being a child and being cursed with an eternal fear of tiny monsters and bad film plots. A truly tragic incident.

At the end of the day though, my two cents won’t change anything. Everybody’s still going to praise these films as much as they have in the past while I sit back and wish my opinion mattered. At least the 80’s weren’t a complete flop.