Finding a Silver Lining

Cindy Ciotta, Staff Writer/Broadcast Journalism

What are some of the things you hear while walking down the hallway or into a classroom? It’s probably a collection of loud gibberish and something along the lines of “Fml”, “Ugh you would not BELIEVE what Becky said to me about Brad last night!”, “Today literally sucks”, “ I can’t  even today”, “I hate myself”, “KYS”, “She’s so weird bro, I hate her”,  “I look like trash”, “omg I suck”, “I wanna shoot myself after that test bro”, or “That teacher hates me”.

All that negativity is repetitive and annoying to hear isn’t it? Could it be that the reason people constantly repeat these phrases is because it’s constantly around us? It can be contagious to only want see the negative things in a situation. I’m not saying that a negative word every once in awhile is the most terrible thing on earth, but it definitely doesn’t do us any good.

When you only have a pessimistic outlook on things, you are only welcoming in pessimistic, negative outcomes.

My mom always says, “What you think about, you bring about.” I totally believe this phrase because if someone is always thinking about how they want something, they will obviously make an effort to get that thing. For example, if it crosses your mind that you are unsatisfied with your grades and you decide you need to do better, you will do whatever you can to make an A on your homework and next test. Likewise, if you are always thinking about how much you “hate going to school” and that you “always have bad days”or maybe the things you don’t like about yourself – you are projecting a negative thoughts into your future, or you will think yourself into never being able to find the silver lining of your gray cloud.

Yes, every gray cloud has a silver lining no matter how cheesy it sounds. It’s simply a matter of looking for or creating a positive aspect. So, go out there and spread those positive vibes. 🙂