80’s Music is the Best

Evan Starr, Staff Writer/Broadcast Journalism

The popular opinion on 80s music is that it is too old, and it is not as good as the new stuff. I strongly disagree with this popular opinion; I love 80s rock and pop. You just can’t beat the legendary bands of Journey, Poison, Guns n Roses and Aerosmith and legendary songs like “Living on a Prayer”, “Dream On”, “Don’t Stop Believing”, and many, many more.

Its definitely better than the new stuff we are getting now, with unnecessary bass drops and weird techno-auto tune, 80s music is nice, simple and actually good. The music is made with actual instruments unlike today when half the sounds you hear are made from a computer or by remixing the original sound.

Think of all the famous songs; many of them are from the 80s era. 80s music passes the test of time. I listen to 80s music because of my parents. This 2016 era of music will eventually die and our kids aren’t going to listen to what was popular when we were kids. The 80s era of music will never die it has and will continue to go down in history has is not the best, one of the best eras of music ever, and in ten to twenty years from now people will still be listening to 80s music just like a lot of people do today, and that is why it is the best.