Busting Love


Alex Ditman, Staff Writer

Walking among all the high school couples I constantly hear the phrase ”I love you” used so carelessly and it drives me beyond crazy! To use a word that holds so much passion and meaning and not understand it pushes me over and the edge.

I get that we’re in high school and our feelings have the potential to grow stronger for your significant other but when two people get together and immediately say “I love you,” they do not realize the commitment they are making. When saying “I love you,” you are promising that person that you will stand by them no matter what, that you will do everything you can to bring the best out of your significant other and that you will forget your problems sometimes and focus on that one person with everything you have.

From my observations of the normal high school relationship, couples get in the most ridiculous arguments. Things like how they won’t let you have the last goodbye or goodbye kiss. I mean, how stupid is that? Why would you spend the precious time that you have with one another arguing over minor incidents?

I like to call teenagers serial daters just because every time I turn around, they all have a new boy or girl. I know I probably sound bitter but it is the honest truth. I do not believe teenagers have the capacity to fully understand those three words and the meaning behind them.

“Love mean to me is a big old kiss on the mouth,” is what a seventeen year old young man may say compared to an eighty year old man: “I’m married 55 years. Our job in life the two of us is to look after each other and see to it that we are our best selves. So I try to help her be her best self and she tries to help me, and to me that’s love I hope to do that as long as I can stay awake.”

Looking at the two quotes from the E Online article, the 17-year-old boy does not seem to exactly take love seriously and does not know what exactly what it is. Even though the older man was joking at the end he probably had quite the grasp on what love is and what the sacrifice is when you give that power to somebody.

Loving somebody is more than just being there for that person. You are letting them know your deepest feelings, they see you at the worst and you both have to accept each other for your faults. Which are traits that no teenager I’ve seen is capable of attaining. .

I understand the importance of dating in high school and I am not against the idea of it but it is the careless use of the words “I love you” that I am against. When you decide to use those words, please just take into the account the importance and meaning of them.