What We Can Do

What We Can Do

Tanner Hudson, Staff Writer

On November 13, a group of people attacked random citizens in Paris in an act of terrorism. Initially, I was very adamant about writing this, and was not in favor of the idea, due to the fact that I am solemnly against sharing my opinion in a public setting.

But with this article I saw an opportunity. Not only to share my opinion, or to raise awareness, but to tell you what you can do.

We live in a really stupid world with really stupid people. We’re all aware of that because we’ve all experienced something terrible at one point or another in our lives.

Now, personally, I have no experience with something so tragic as losing a loved one to terrorism, and I certainly am not saying that I feel more hurt than those who have; however, given that we have seen things like this, we all have an understanding of how awful this world can be. That being said, it’s interesting to see how we react to things like this.

On social media, we change our profile pictures to the French flag, or we hashtag certain things, such as #parisattacks, or #prayforparis. I have done that with this editorial’s photo almost ironically, but in definite honor of the French. Doing this is our way of saying “We stand with Paris.”

Something I don’t think we realize is that attacks like this happen all the time. Sure, they don’t always happen in a city as beautiful or safe as Paris, but they do happen frequently. So, it’s good to change your Facebook picture and it’s good to tweet about it.

But it’s better to act.

When bad things like this happen in the world, you don’t have to do anything high and mighty, either. You can do something small. Maybe it’s just something that you do for a family member or a friend to cheer them up. To lower their fear. To comfort somebody. To put a little more good into the world. It takes this terrible day, stolen by terrible people, and turns it into a slightly better one.

Another way to act is to give to charities, such as the International Red Cross, who have most likely already responded to the people in Paris who suffered that day, but also respond to this type of thing everyday, around the world. They help refugees, immigrants, disaster survivors, etc., get the things they need. Of course, they aren’t the perfect charity, but it’s your choice who you donate to. There are loads of other charities that can help.

There is so much we can do besides changing our Facebook status to make the world a better place. If that’s all you can do, hey, at least you did something. But if you can do anything more than that, you should.