Are Pep Rallies Too Dangerous?


Abigail Stubbington, Audio & Video Editor

The stands are packed with camo, the band swings and sways as the fight song blares through the gym, students are jostled back and forth as a whirlpool of bodies forms on the floor. All the while the fun is going on, the threat of catastrophe looms over the nearly three-thousand students crammed into the new gymnasium.

With the new policy on pep rallies, more students than ever are fighting for every inch they can get on game days. In the past, if students did not feel up to chanting the battle cry, they would simply sleep in and come to school just as the pep rally ended.

However, now that attendance is being taken before the pep rally starts, students’ only options are to go to the pep rally or sit in the cafeteria. With the songs and skits that the pep rally offers, it is no surprise that most students are picking the pep rally and causing a major fire hazard in the process.

On the morning of the Blue Out game, Mr.Taylor could be heard telling students to sit in the walkways of the stands when there were no more seats. With the exits for the seating being blocked, it was evident that many students felt uneasy about Keller High’s new system.

Along with students, teachers are also complaining about the new schedule for game days. With pep rallies now being held during first period, teachers are having to find ways to close the widening gap between their first period classes and the other classes who end up getting to see the teacher for longer that week.

Pep rallies have become a danger to not only students education, but their safety as well. If Keller High wants to continue the tradition of coming out to support the football team, we must find a way that will not impede students and teachers lives such as moving the time to before or after school.

Ultimately, sports cannot be held above all else and if administration does not want to move the pep rallies so that they do not conflict with classes and create hazards to safety, it might be better to simply not have pep rallies at all.