Pre-AP to AP

Haley Goodman, Sports Editor

Does anyone else cry when you get home and have about three hours of homework? I know I do. I am in all Pre-AP and on AP class and I have at least two or more hours of homework each night.

Lately people,including me, have expressed that the new “rigorous” curriculum is a little too severe for the Pre-AP classes. People who sign up for Pre-AP are in it for that extra push in their work, but they are getting more of a shove off a five story building.

Between grading on the AP scale and AP seminar questions, we are all dying. Teachers claim they are “preparing you for the AP classes that you will take.” Instead they are making students switch out of their classes and scare them into not taking AP later on.

Probably the most common class kicking everyone’s butt is Pre-AP English II. The most common complaint is “My teacher gives us work and expects us to know exactly what to do without teaching it.”

Honestly Pre-AP is just a way for teachers to use words like rigorous, trepidation, and polysyndeton. My teacher said she was the kid that used Sparknotes for every novel that she read. She says it with full confidence, so why can we not use Sparknotes? We study for at least eight tests and quizzes a week yet none of this work helps with credit scores, finances, and social skills for a career.

Instead of overworking the outlines of essays and OERs, we could be doing more interactive activities that engage us in the topic instead of falling asleep to the sound of the prompt. Now math.

Not much to say. Let us just say teachers we were not kidding when they would threaten us with imaginary numbers.

Regardless, from imaginary numbers to outline after outline, Pre-AP is being a little too aggressive with its teaching this year. The teachers need to find a new and productive way to go in depth (aka “rigorous”) without killing us with homework and grades in the process.