Lift the Embargo

Bella Herrera, Advertising Manager

Our nation has split opinions on re-opening the conversation of lifting the Cuban embargo. Obama has recently discussed a desire to instigate communication between Cuba and the U.S. Some people may say that the embargo was forcing Cuba to become democratic, but many years have passed and nothing has changed, except for the worsening state of the suffering citizens. It’s time that the embargo be lifted, and provide help to the Cuban citizens.

The Cuban embargo should be lifted because it only punishes the citizens who need U.S. trade to help their poor economy. It would also give the citizens access to medicine, affordable food, and medical equipment they don’t have in Cuba.

Cuba was also a popular vacation spot for many Americans. This allowed a large amount of cultural diffusion, which benefited the Cubans greatly because it helped the economy by providing more jobs. Now that Americans have been banned from Cuba’s resorts, and Cuba has been isolated from all American influences.

The embargo hasn’t had a negative effect on the dictator, Raul Castro, that it had intended. Instead, it hurts the citizens that we’re trying to help. Although family members of Cuban residents are allowed to travel to Cuba, and aid their families by bringing them a few supplies, it is not still not enough help for the Cubans.

Some people support the embargo, because they think it is pressuring Cuba to become democratic. They see the lifting of the embargo as a sort of giving up in trying to improve Cuba’s government and way of life. What these people don’t see, is that it has been 50 years since the embargo was first imposed, and nothing has changed. Even after Fidel became sick and handed control of Cuba to his brother Raul, Cuba continued to be communist.

If we really want to improve Cuba, we need to create a new plan, not continue one which clearly isn’t working.  A 2011 survey stated that more than 80% of Cuban Americans agree that the embargo has not worked at all, and should be lifted. The embargo has obviously not been a major pressure on the dictators, and instead has severely worsened the Cuban’s quality of life.

The embargo must be lifted and we should choose a new course of action, instead of hoping that some miracle will happen to change Cuba’s government into a democracy. The embargo has brought nothing but devastation to Cuba’s people, and has not affected Cuba’s government. By re-opening the conversation of lifting the embargo, the U.S. is taking huge strides to creating a reliable plan on how to improve the state of Cuba. These conversations must continue, and the embargo must be lifted.