Parent Obsession Disorder

Alex Ditman, Staff Writer

Parents can either be the coolest people you have ever met, or the type of people who watch every step you take and wrap you in bubble wrap before even stepping outside. Parents love us and they want us to be safe everywhere we go, but when is enough, enough?

As a teenager, we have people trying to control us and drill their ideas and beliefs in our heads. Sometimes the people who want us to be independent are still very controlling, sometimes they’re our very own parents.

The big question is: how do we deal with our parents when we feel like they are being overbearing?

Rule number one, don’t ever yell! Parents automatically shut down when you’re yelling at them. In the end, nothing gets resolved and it just makes everyone even angrier.

Instead, try this. Make a list of everything that you feel like should be changed but don’t be unreasonable. When you have your list complete, sit down with them and talk in a respectful, calm manner. Calmly explain to your parents why you deserve these changes. Then, remember that you’re going to have to compromise with some of their requests. Don’t get angry and storm off is any of their requests anger you. It’s extremely important to behave in an adult manner.

Rule number two, stay patient but persistent. These things take time and you shouldn’t be speeding right through this. You have to take baby steps and see how comfortable your parents are with you having more freedom. Please do not forget that all parents are different, so do not go off comparing parents.

When you make mistakes that cost you big time, parents never forget it and find it harder to trust you. Gaining their trust back is a slow process, and should be taken step by step.

Start doing the chores they ask you to do, and keep up with it. They will start to notice, and over time, start placing their trust in you again.

The key word for you is to listen to them and not make snarky comments. That rule doesn’t just pertain to home. but everywhere you go, especially school. If your parents see that you’re being rude and disrespectful to your peers, then your trust level just dropped.

You also need to realize that this process will take a long time, because trust is easily lost and not easily granted. Try to look at your parents’ point of view, and step back to examine your mistakes and think about what you’re going to say.

Trust and freedom is possible, but it takes time for the people who love you the most, because our parents love us and want us to be safe in every way possible way.