The Immigration Crisis

Kellen Jones, Staff Writer

The problem:

– Stock problem: The southern border is egregiously porous and ill staffed, this allows immigrants to enter the Unites States unmonitored and puts a financial and criminal burden on the domestic and federal government

-Branch problem 1:

The Southern border has allowed over 20 million illegal immigrants to enter the United States to date, In fact about 86% of the illegal immigrants that come into the United States come through the southern border from Mexico or Latin America.

-Branch problem 2:

For every 100 illegal immigrants that find work in the United States, 65 Americans will be displaced. In the next fiscal year the government will pay 52 billion annually to pay for illegal children to be educated and will pay an additional 7.3 billion on welfare for the illegals who depend on it. On top of all this the government will receive 0% tax revenue from illegal immigrants.

-Branch problem 3:

Over 1/4th of the federal prison population are illegal immigrants, 95% of all the outstanding warrants for homicide in Los Angeles county come from illegal immigrants and 47% of all violent sex crimes against children come from illegal immigrants.

-Branch problem 4:

The D.E.A. Interviewed 230 illegal immigrants, 219 of which were told by their home country (Mexico, Guatemala, etc.) that once captured by border patrol they would be allowed to stay in the United States.

-future problem:

With powerful and aggressively developing terror groups forming like Isis or Hamas, the southern border may be a easy tool to smuggle terrorist or weapons undetected into the United States for future attacks like the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

-What is the president doing:

Essentially, nothing. The president promised a few months ago to “circumvent congress and act on immigration” on his own, however, nothing has been done. The president has already made more executive orders than any other peacetime president and one more, especially one on a topic the United States (70%) agrees with his political enemies (The GOP) on could definitely tip the scale to The GOP side in 2016.


Surge the National Guard and pick up the immigration policies used by the U.S. in the 1930’s.

In areas with high illegal immigrant populations order the National Guard to do randomized sweeps and require people to prove citizenship.

On the border hot spots, have 24 hour standing guards and a “Great Wall” style to fence to prevent border crossing. These two acts alone send a strong message to countries like Mexico and Guatemala that “illegal immigration won’t be tolerated and even if you’re already in, you are not safe”.


Demand further proof of citizenship for social programs like welfare or public schooling and transfer funds spent on social programs that go illegals to immediate deportation.


For those not accused of capital or sexual crimes order circumvention of trials in Lieu of immediate deportation to the country of origin.


Order the countries that are aiding illegal immigrants to reach our border or for countries like Mexico that are not cooperative with the United States immigration plan, that the NAFTA agreements be revoked and economic sanctions be applied.

-Further resolve;

Illegal immigration puts traditional American values in jeopardy. Many Americans on both sides of the political spectrum turn a blind eye to illegal immigration because of the unregulated and cheap labor prices.

To combat both of these we can do 2 things:

Make having children easier to have by extending paid maternity leave, and add increased financial incentives like increased tax discount for having kids and financial stipends. This will not only help increase population and our youth advantage over other nations but expand continuation of our American traditional values.

Finally, if the government abolished the federal minimum wage and allowed each state to regulate its own minimum wage, it would catalyze business growth and diminish dependence on illegal immigrants for cheap labor.