A Major Decision


Lora Pippin, Avocado/That's Rad/Trending Editor

It all comes down to this major decision. Your entire educational career seems to have boiled down to this one choice. What should I do and where do I go? The possibilities regarding college majors and universities are endless. Many students are unsure of what they want to do or even where to go post high school. With over 4,000 colleges in the United States alone, this decision can seem daunting and at times impossible.

According to the 2012 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 66.2% of high schools graduates were enrolled in colleges or universities, with a preponderance of them being unsure of their major choice. Half of college students change their major at least once during college. So what is the secret to becoming a successful college graduate? How do you pick a college and how do you pick major?

Like anything in life, a decision, especially one of this ilk, should be made with great care. Financial costs, as well as educational opportunities have to be considered. One must truthfully and critically ask themself if it is even realistic to consider going straight into a four year university.  Community colleges should not be overlooked when making your decision.  Two year universities offer students a transitional period between high school and college life, allowing time for acclamation. Depending on the individual, some students are ready to go straight into a college and skip a two year university. Candidly, it’s hard to evaluate your own work ethic and readiness. However, this step is crucial to your decision and your future.

When choosing a major it’s important to first put aside the money aspect and really evaluate your abilities. What are you passionate about? What are your hobbies and could you really consider doing that hobby as career for a good portion of your life? Now consider the financial aspect of that decision.  For some this may be extremely difficult.  Sometimes our childhood dreams of being an astronaut or an actor aren’t realist. The most important aspect to think about before choosing a major is to find something you are passionate about, and something that offers you the chance for success.

It seems like students spend most of their educational career wishing for senior year and the prospects of being an independent adult. However, when it comes to making adult choices as seniors, such as college, we tend to wish not to have to make them. This indecisiveness might, however, be a good indicator that you need to prepare and explore your options for the future. There isn’t any shame in being unsure about your future, especially when it comes to college; after all, it is a major decision.