Keller Fads Hitting a New High

Alec Harward, Staff Writer

The next big Keller fad to rush through our school has been the ridiculous electronic cigarettes everybody seems to deem as the most amazing invention since fire. Students stroll up to school taking a big breath of the many overpriced E-Cig flavors. The big issue is that students forget that, while E-Cigs may not have any bad effects on you, they are still not allowed on campus, like regular cigarettes.

Why are E-Cigs becoming such a “cool” thing to have? Much like many of the other silly fads that sweep the halls of KHS, there is no reason. They just have become the thing to do. But unlike many of the strange habits people have, this craze will be over before the end of the year.

E-Cigs are a very expensive habit. A basic unit will run around $35, and with the purchase of new flavors every week or two at $15 a bottle, you’ll spend more on the flavors within a month of buying the gadget. And while it is cool at first, there is almost no real reason for anybody to use them in our community. Electronic cigarettes were created for tobacco addicts to shake their dependency.

Replacement cartridges will cost around $600 a year. That is a substantial amount less for legitimate smoking addicts.

Because E-Cigs are so new, there are very few studies done on the effects of smoking these devices. A study done on two of the leading brands did contain trace elements of hazardous compounds. Although the nine contaminates compared to 11,000 is a huge difference, it doesn’t mean E-Cigs are completely safe to use. Many studies are still being conducted and only the future will tell how safe they truly are.

The prevalence of E-Cigs is sweeping our country’s younger generation. It’s not a surprise to see them hit Keller like this—especially with all the other crazy and ridiculous things our peers do.