Politically Incorrect

Jake Sayre, Staff Writer

The primary issue that can always be found in politics is the fact that the parties involved never seem to be capable of coming to any sort of an agreement. Almost to the point where it isn’t even based on policy, but more so based on immaturity and an unwillingness to comprehend the oppositions’ thought process.

When you look at the differences of both the Democrat and Republican parties, you’ll notice that they are vast.

Liberals believe in decreased military spending, women’s rights on abortion, and a society based on community and social responsibility.

Republicans believe in increased military spending, are pro-life, and feel society should be based on individual rights and justice.

But the challenge is to consider what their similarities are.

Looking at the grand scale, the only real similarity that can be found is simple: they both strive to make this country better. Or at least, that’s what they start out doing.

What typically happens is along the way they lose sight of what their true goals are and get lost in semantics.

Earlier in 2012, President Obama attempted to pass a cyber security bill that established optional standards for the computer systems that oversee the country’s critical infrastructure like power grids, dams and transportation.

The senate voted in favor of the bill 52-46, but a republican filibuster prevented it from being passed.

This is the exact reason why nothing is can be done domestically or internationally.

The White House released a statement on the matter.

“The politics of obstructionism, driven by special interest groups seeking to avoid accountability, prevented Congress from passing legislation to better protect our nation from potentially catastrophic cyber attacks.”

Unfortunately, this concept of absolutism dedicated to one single party has diluted people into thinking that this is the “right way.”

So if you are hoping for our “leaders” to work together on even the simplest of decisions to be made for a common goal that would actually benefit everyone involved, I’m afraid you will be severely disappointed.