Too Poor to Score


Annie Hwang, News and Avocado Editor

Eighty-two dollars doesn’t sound like too much…especially if it means saving hundreds of dollars in the end. But take the $82, multiply it by ten, and you will get the amount that student Jason Molli* has to pay for his ten AP classes to get ahead in college. Had it been last year, he would have had to pay only $52 for each AP exam. But because the Texas legislature voted off paying those extra $30, some students are faced with the decision of which exams to take. AP teachers suggest the following: if you are faced with a choice, choose the class that you are most confident in and take that exam to be sure you’ll get the credit. It would be a waste to take the exam for an AP class that you are barely passing because there is a high chance that your AP score might go to waste on many schools. If there really is no way out of paying this extra thirty dollars in order to pursue academic excellence, then make your move quick and sign up for the AP exams you can take online for a $5 discount!

* Name has been changed